, Rescind To Stop Foreclosure

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For California only.

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California and U.S. flag images.

Mail: 3104 O Street # 277 Sacramento, California 95816 This is where we receive postal mail and packages. It is not our office for obvious security reasons.

Live Meeting: We will meet face to face at our sign-up workshop in a quiet hotel just north of downtown Sacramento. The rescission workshop where you will immediatly disconnect your property (and life) from the criminal bank is described in the About page.

Email: mersdeed.com@gmail.com. This email address is monitored all day. You can expect a same day response. M-F

Telephone: Our phone number is not published because we cannot play “telephone tag” trying to return your call. Email a request for a live chat. Ask your question(s) in your message. We will set up an appointment call. Be sure to first read the About page. Your answer may be on that page. Burton Linne