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I am Burton Linne the owner and founder of this small enterprise. Originally from Chicago. USAF in the Korean War. Started in 2010 in Sacramento as a research project to find out what was going on in the flood of foreclosures that killed my public speaker broker business.

I have found out. The greatest economic crime in history that has corrupted State and federal judicial, and governmental structures in America. The rule of law has mostly been perverted, collapsed in America by the megabanks. Corruption is everywhere.

For the likes of Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, a billion dollar fine or penalty is just another cost of doing business. Some of the more intelligent judges are starting to get it. The banks are starting to lose cases because homeowner lawyers are learning how to smack the criminal bank's shyster lawyers.

The snapshot here was on a hot August day in Virginia in 2005.

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( MERS means Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems. This is a criminal fraud mortgage Ponzi scheme invented by mostly federal lawyers to steal money from everybody. But especially from pension funds. Your 401k and IRA sitting in a bank is in the wrong place.

Starting in 1995 a team of mostly government lawyers put together a fake Deed Of Trust/mortgage as needed for the whole United States and territories by adding 3 toxic paragraphs to the traditional Freddie Mac residential mortgage in use since 1970. Very successful. They confuse judges, and defense lawyers. MERS owns 70 million home deeds and counting. Look at the bottom edge of your Deed of Trust for “MERS”.

The price for our rescission forms is zero. The price of the Credit Restoration tutorial is zero. The credit restoration program will get your credit score back up from the floor. You do it yourself. 100% success. The price for recording notice of your rescission at the County Recorder Office is usually about $15 or $20 that you pay the recorder. We tell you all about that. The price for our personal one to one guidance, and tutoring is below your expectations. I will disclose it when we have our chat that you set up by email.

The work sessions are in a small hotel in Sacramento near downtown. Free parking on ground level. 2 hour work sessions. Seating is limited to 25. More details when you need them.

GET STARTED. YOUR RESCISSION MUST BE NOW. THE NOTICE OF DEFAULT clock is ticking. Dithering to the last day will not work.
Send a message to me asking for a chat with your phone number. Tell me the best time/day after 5PM. Email:
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